Invitation to the concert and prayer through dance on the 16th of September 2022 within the EHD


We cordially invite you to the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bučovice on Friday 16th of September 2022 at 7 pm for an evening programme as part of the European Heritage Days.

A concert of sacred music will be performed in the church in Bučovice - singing by Týna Mrázková with organ accompaniment by Karel Bezdíček. The evening programme also includes a prayer with dance performed by Anežka Miškovská.

Both Týna Mrázková and Karel Bezdíček study at the Brno Organ School, Týna focuses on singing and her own compositions and Karel on piano and organ.

Anežka Miškovská is a graduate of the 1st and 2nd cycle of the dance branch of the František Drda School of Music in Žďár n/Sáz. She has been dancing for 13 years and leads young dancers to it. She founded the dance group Filie Regis, in which she tries to combine movement and prayer in liturgical dance.

Throughout the duration of the EHD, i.e. from 10 - 18 September 2022, visitors can see the interior of the church and the permanent exhibition in the entrance hall dedicated to the priest Václav Drbola, who became a victim of the communist regime. There will also be an exhibition Encounters in Hell, Faces of Ceylon, P. Václav Drbola. The exhibition consists of three parts, two of which, prepared by the "Sdružení PAMĚŤ z.s.", map the stories of the Third Resistance and describe the former penitentiary in Brno on Cejl Street, and the third part, created by the Bishopric of Brno, depicts the life of priest Václav Drbola.


Concert programme

The creation of the exhibition, the installation of the exhibition, the opening of the church to the visitors and the European Heritage Days in the parish of Bučovice are part of the project "Restoration of the organ and revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bučovice" funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021.

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