URVAL OSLO ART is an art studio owned by a Norwegian artist with Czech roots Helena Urválková. Besides exhibiting and selling her own art works, Helena Urválková is also involved in several Norwegian galleries preparing new exhibitons and is in contact with artists, curators, collectors, gallerists and Norwegian art critics. A big part of her work is also getting in touch and creating a web of contacts.


Občanské sdružení PAMĚŤ

Pamet Civic Association was founded in 2008 by Miroslav Kasáček, a historian and author of books about persecution in times of totality, and Ludek Navara, a journalist and screenwriter awarded with Karel Havlicek Borovsky Award.

The motivation for starting the association was a desire to explore the past and debate about fates of people and whole families exposed to the pressure of the communist regime.

The project is mapping stories from the second halve of the 20th century, which particularly affected the life of the Czech society. It is realised in different formats such as exhibitions, tv documentaries, lectures for schools and public debates.


MUSICA SACRA - Jednota na zvelebení církevní hudby na Moravě, z. s.

MUSICA SACRA – Union for Improvement of Sacral Music in Moravia is a civic association of church musicians. It is following the Union for improvement of Sacral Music in Moravia founded on Leos Janacek initiative in 1881. It has over 500 members, cantors and organists, chorusmasters, singers, composers, pedagogues and music scientists from the Czech Republic.

MUSICA SACRA is aiming to improve the musical element of liturgy, specifically by increasing the level of liturgical and musical abilities of cantors and organists. The association is organizing various courses and seminars, publishing journals and other needed publications, and operating an archive and library. Their qualification system was accepted by the Diocese of Brno and recommended for the whole country by the Czech Conference of Bishops.