The Organ with its baroque casing listed as a historical heritage is placed on the gallery of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bucovice. The original Organ was built by an unknown builder in 1788. But after 100 years of usage, it was so dilapidated that in the 1990s the playing part had to be changed. The new instrument was built into the old casing. The instrument was built by an organ building enterprise of brothers Brauner in Unicov. Although the technical base was not very high quiality, sound wise the organ was exceptional. Despite that, 80% of the original pipes survived.The instrument was then rebuilt twice in the first halve of the 20th century by a company of Jan Tuček from Kutna Hora. This company was quilty wise even worse than the Brauner company . Therefor the instrument was constantly under repeaires, often by a non-profesional, which led to its current state on the verge of usability.



The early baroque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is a cultural heritage and creates a dominant of the city center of Bučovice town. The church was built in 1637-1642 during the reign of Maxmilian of Liechtenstein by a Swiss-Italian architect Giovanni Giacomo Tencalla in baroque style. In 1642 the church was consecrated by a Canon of Olomouc Kaspar Karas of Rhomstein. The oratory and church porch were added in 1748 by an Austrian architect Anton Erhard Martinelli. The church was then rebuilt into classicist style in 1820s and two aisles were added. In the middle of the 19th century the church was embellished with figural stucco decorations created by J. Schubert.