Looking back at the vernissage with a talk


On the 31th of July, an exhibition entitled Encounters in Hell, Faces of Cejl, P. Václav Drbola, was opened in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bučovice.

Local priest Tomáš Fránek welcomed those present.

After a short introductory speech by Mr. Kasáček and Mr. Navara (representatives of the "Sdružení PAMĚŤ z.s."), a compelling documentary film Letters from Death Row was screened, which left a deep impression.

The documentary presents the last moments of six victims of judicial murders during the communist period between 1949 and 1953. It is based on their last letters before their deaths, which were published by the archives after many decades. The atmosphere of the trials and prisons is commented on by witnesses, while the situation of the individual families is portrayed by surviving relatives and friends. It is a reflection on how Czech society, almost twenty years after the fall of the regime, has come to terms with their stories and the injustices perpetrated against them.

After watching the film, the vernissage continued with a talk with representatives of the "Sdružení PAMĚŤ z.s." and the participants present.

The exhibition, which was prepared in the church in cooperation with the Bučovice parish by the project partner "Sdružení PAMĚŤ z.s.", consists of three parts. The first part, entitled Encounters in Hell, maps the stories of the Third Resistance - the exhibition shows the bravery and courage of people fighting the communist regime through concrete examples. The second part, entitled Faces of Cejl, is an exhibition about the former penitentiary in Brno on Cejl Street. The third part, entitled P. Václav Drbola, is an exhibition about a priest who was illegally executed and thus became a victim of the so-called Babik trials.

The exhibition will run until 18th of September 2022.

Refreshments were available at the end, during which the mutual and personal debate continued.

Thank you to everyone who came and spent their time with us.

The exhibition and its opening with a talk are part of the project "Restoration of the organ and revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bučovice" funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021.


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