Looking back at events in 2023


The Bučovice church has successfully held several events - the Night of Churches with an exhibition of Norwegian art, the opening of an exhibition on persecution during the totalitarian era with a talk and the European Heritage Days event.

At the beginning of June, the national event Night of Churches took place for the third time in the premises of the Bučovice church. Also this year, the programme included an exhibition with an opening, with the participation of the Norwegian project partner URVAL OSLO ART.

The evening Mass was followed by an accompanying programme. The church was filled with songs not only in our native language, but also in English, French, Spanish, Polish, Swahili and many others, performed by members of four schola groups from Milonice, Nemotice, Brankovice and Dobročkovice. Not only the youngest visitors enjoyed the entertaining theatrical performance Carousel of Fairy Tales from the I Am Vít Marčík Jr. Theater. For art lovers, the opening of the exhibition of the Norwegian artist Helena Urvalkova, who has her roots in the Czech Republic, followed. For this year's exhibition, the artist drew inspiration from Vigeland Park located in the capital city of Oslo, close to where she lives. There are over 200 sculptures in the park by a single sculptor - Adolf Gustav Vigeland.The painter conveyed and presented the sculptor's art in the form of drawings of several of his sculptures. The end of the program belonged to dance art performed by Anežka Miškovská. Afterwards, there was an opportunity for an individual tour of the church.


The afternoon of the fourth Sunday in July belonged to the opening with a talk and screening of the documentary.

After an introductory speech by the representatives of the project partner PAMĚŤ Association, Mr Kasáček and Mr Navara, the documentary film Václav Drbola, Jan Bula, František Pařil - Death on the Communist Execution Site was screenedAfter watching the film, the opening ceremony continued. The individual parts of the exhibition were presented during the discussion. The first two parts of the exhibition were dedicated to the priests Jan Bula and František Pařil, who were illegally executed and thus became victims of the so-called Babik trials.These parts of the exhibition were prepared by students of grammar schools in Moravské Budějovice and Tišnov. The third part, entitled Gottwald's Nooses - The Last Address Cejl, described the extraordinary stories of the brave people who were executed in the Brno prison.The talk was followed by a book signing of the book "And yet I will be near". At the end, refreshments prepared by the organizers of the event were available, during which mutual and personal debate continued.


The evening programme of the September national event European Heritage Days was inspiring. The EHD event was held in the Bučovice church for the third time.

The main point of the program was the opening of icons interwoven with sacred music. The local priest Tomáš Fránek explained the meaning of one of the most famous icons "The Holy Trinity" by the famous Russian iconographer Andrei Rublev from the 15th century. Afterwards, the iconographer Milada Šprtová presented her work. The enriching experience was further enhanced by the touching tones of Mrs. Šprtová's gifted children, Miriam playing the flute and Ondřej playing the organ. The opening was followed by a moment of silence and contemplation by candlelight.

As part of the European Heritage Days, the church was open to the public for two weekends. Visitors could see the interior of the church, travelling exhibitions on the theme of persecution during the totalitarian era and an exhibition of icons. A candle stand was placed near the statue of Virgin Mary Hromničná with the opportunity to light a candle and entrust your worries and pains or thank Virgin Mary, the powerful intercessor with God.


Many thanks to all the organizers, performers and helpers.

Thanks also to everyone who came and spent their time with us.

These events in the Bučovice parish are part of the project project "Organ restoration and revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bučovice" funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021.

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