Lecture and discussion with students


On Wednesday the 29th of September 2021, students of the Bučovice Grammar School and Business Academy took part in a discussion in the parish church with representatives of the PAMĚŤ Civic Association partner and the authors of the Babice exhibition.

The lecturers Mr. Kasáček and Mr. Navara introduced the students to the story of Babice case. They explained the concepts and practices of totalitarian government that were relevant during the communist era. The students were talked to about the case of Babice, which relates to Bučovice through the priest Václav Drbola, who worked as a chaplain and active citizen in Bučovice. After being transferred to Babice, Václav Drbola was unjustly sentenced to death in the so-called Babice trials.

The response of the students who took part in the discussion was full of interest and gratitude for the information obtained, which completes the awareness of the events that took place in the unfortunate past in their surroundings.

"I am very happy that such lectures take place, because it occurs to me that in history classes we learn more about older history, and this is missing in the curriculum. I am glad that these topics are coming among us young people.” Commented one of the high school students on the event. For some students, this topic was especially close, thanks to direct family and friendly relationships with P. Drbola. One of the students even mentioned direct participation of her family in the process of verifying the evidence for beatification.


Lecture and discussion with students is part of the project "Organ restoration and revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bučovice" funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021.

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